About me

I´m a 28 year old woman from Grimstad Norway, living nowhere and everywhere at the moment. I’m a communications advisor at Oslo Kommune and I study Video Marketing online. I´m obsessed about figuring out how people can change from being dissatisfied to loving life, and I´ve started with my own life.

I believe nothing is impossible, and that “If you can see it in your mind- you can hold it in your hand”. So why don`t we take some risk and chase our dreams?

I used to be a nurse and a leader at a care center but working with something that was “the right thing to do” but not aligned with my passion, made me in a hopeless state. I recently quit my job, and now I am excited about having a job that fits me better!

When I´m not working, studying or traveling I like to read faith-building and self-development books, work out and meet some people. If you ever see me staring onto nothing – I’m probably either thinking about some next step I’m about to do in my life, or about why some people fit together and others don’t. I do think a lot about love, and I have an insatiable hunger for improvement.

So now you know a few things about me,

Rull til toppen