My five nights in SF is now over.

Instead of describing every detail of all the things I experienced in chronological order, I´m going to share the golden list of “note to self” that I made during these five days in San Francisco.

Learn from my mistakes in SF

1.Use Uber or Lyft instead of a three day muni pass (it´s like Ruter in Norway).

Remember that you do have a bad sense of direction, so trying to figure out what bus or tram or metro that goes where is a bad idea. The money you save is not worth the time you spend on walking fort and back in confusion. Use the extra money on Uber. It´s worth it. And the drivers are really nice to talk to.

2. Say no to marry the Uber drivers.

They might say they used to work in wall street in New York earlier, and that they will treat you well, but their car is still dirty, and they are still 30 years older than you, and Norwegian men aren’t THAT bad.

3. Public Bus transport in general is a bad idea in California.

My trip to Redding was cancelled because the driver was sick, so I had to stay in SF for another nigh and got a new ticket for the next day. Then that ticket was cancelled so I got a new ticket. There is also a lot of drunk people in the long distance bus rides.

4. Don’t be afraid of the TON of beggars, homeless people and mentally unstable people hitting themselves and talking to themselves on every corner in SF.

They will not hurt you. The city used to have especially good welfare for the homeless people some years ago and in that period of time the homeless in other cities flocked to San Francisco to get the welfare. And I guess they stayed.

5. Do not go to the Tenderloin unless you are escorted by a policeman.

Tenderloin is the only place I got warned about not going to, and also the first place I went to in San Francisco unknowingly this was a dangerous place. A policeman saw me in the area and told me people would do all sorts of stuff to me- so he walked me to my destination.

6. It´s a good idea to contact an organization who does charity in the city and ask them to join in to help in their mission.

I joined YWAM and joined them in giving food pantry. It is an enormous blessing to be able to serve others and to get out of your own little bubble.

7. It is very cold in downtown SF.

The city is known for being exceptionally cold. It´s a saying that goes like this: “It´s nothing colder than a summer day in San Francisco.”

8. Remember that just outside of downtown SF there are nice areas to live in.

Palo Alto for example, is a very safe and nice place to live. It´s warmer there then in downtown SF and there is not a multitude of mentally unstable people talking to themselves everywhere there. It´s also a very high-tech place and you like that.

9. Go on a picnic at one of the rooftop parks, it looks nice

10.Bring a friend on your journey who also wants to study or work abroad. Experiences are better when you are two. And if you both want to work remote or study remote, you won´t distract each other from the tasks needed to be done.

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