We went to two churches today. One «Bethel-inspired» church and one in the center of Hollywood.They both serve doughnuts before and after service:P


The message in the first church was about a lot of things, but some points that stood out to me was:

  • Rewrite the narrative: you yourself tell a story about who you are and where you are going. Create a good story.
  • Help the orphans and fatherless: several people in the church are adopting children from the border.
  • Studies show that 2/3 of people living in LA are lonely. The importance of having at least three close friends.

The second church talked about fighting for the positive. The message was about focusing about the good things and not being let down by the people who do not see the positivity you do. To have courage and focus on the goal and not the difficulties towards the goal.

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