Berverly Hills

I was in Beverly Hills (enormously rich area) when I met Fransis Megahy. He is an 80-year-old legend that made movies with Piere Brosnan (James Bond guy). I said I felt an atmosphere of success around Fransis when I met him at a cafe. Fransis and some friends started to talk to me as I passed by them to sit next to their table. They asked where I was from and where I was going and puzzled about why I´m going to Redding. Like-yeah- it makes sense to go to New York, San Fran and L.A, but REDDING?! I said it´s because I am going to a big church there. The we started to talk. They were atheist but appreciated that I wanted to pray for them. Fransis shared awesome stories from his life. He was a good storyteller. Its fun meeting these kind of people and hearing their story. Hope I meet more people like this.

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