Why I give myself 40 compliments every day this month

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit of it

(Proverb 18:21)

I actually believe that the words you speak to yourself and others matter.

I think you create something with your words. I mean words are important, they carry meaning. If someone said they love you- it created a certain feeling in you (hopefully). If some says they want you to go to hell- it´s not very nice (obviously). With your words I believe you can steer your life. For me- I have a goal- an ideal image of myself that I want to become and what I want to archive. I’ve not yet made it- not yet become all I want to be, but I’m on my way.  And I believe that through speaking words of life I get one step closer to the goal every day. This month I’ve decided to say 40 positive affirmations to myself every day. I had a period where I spoke proverbs 31 over myself every morning. I would mirror myself in who God says I am. And for another period of time I daily spoke Corinthians 13 over myself. In faith, I proclaimed who I am as if I already became who I want to be. I put words on who I really am- who I want to be and where I want to be. I think that through proclaiming these kind of things about yourself, you create an identity, you shape your mind and program yourself. You program your mind into becoming who you want to become.

So, call me super natural- but I actually belive in the power of words.

Those who know me, know that I have an annoying amount of compliments stored up that I like to give to others. Maybe I give a lot of compliments to others because I also compliment myself. Love your neighbor as yourself. You can´t give to others what you don’t have. So I know it´s cheesy, but I recommend giving yourself some compliments- works for me;)


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