I am on my way to Los Angeles

I am leaving TODAY

I just left Grimstad, my enchanting little hometown and my always endearing house with a view to the ocean. Sometimes I think I’m stupid for not wanting to live in this city. I mean it’s a dream! Living by the ocean- quiet place- definitely cheaper to live in a small town than in the capital, and yeah, it’s a good deal. But every time I leave Grimstad and arrive Oslo- I remember why I don’t want to live in Grimstad. It’s draining for my exploring and extroverted personality! I just arrived Oslo city now, and the JOY of seeing PEOPLE- new people- oh- my face starts to shine! It’s very pleasant in Grimstad, but it’s just not enough for me. I need stimulation, I need the noise of people walking by and the endless possibilities a bigger city can offer. I guess that’s why I have a desire to move to LA. I like the urbanity and diversity.


I’ve backed all my luggage in hand luggage. and I am thinking of doing some shopping in LA, so I think I’ll buy a new bag when I get there and bring it back with clothes of outlet sale in New York.


But hey- first step is LA:)! At the moment I am sitting in the express air train 🚊to Gardemoen airport.


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